Innovative Fabrications is the fabrication facility of PPS Orthotic and Prosthetic Services and is now offering fabrication expertise as a central fabrication lab to other orthotic and prosthetic companies across the country.


High end quality is the main focus of our production to ensure that patients and clients receive the best custom made devices in the market. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained in the latest techniques to meet industry standards.



We offer over 60 years of combined industry experience with a staff of seven technicians. Two of our technicians are ABC certified, with an ABC certified CPO serving as our clinical liaison.

Our prosthetic fabrication service covers all levels and types of upper and lower limb prosthetics. We provide lightweight limbs using both thermoplastics, the newest resins, and carbon composite technology, along with the ability to do custom laminated finishes.

Our depth of experience and knowledge provides an excellent resource for practitioners to call upon for the full range of their patient's prosthetic needs. Our orthotics fabrication service covers all lower limb thermoplastic type orthotics.

We specialize in the use of TPE plastic, and have a special custom SAAFO (short articulated AFO) for PTTD patients. We have the ability to fabricate the full range of AFO's, Crow Boots, SMO's and UCBL's.


For information on how our facility may be of service to you, contact:

Carrie Parris

Ifab Workorders

Download our Ifab workorders. These are pdf. files for you to view and print.
Transfemoral workorder
Transtibial workorder
AFO workorder