PPS Orthotic & Prosthetic Services is set apart by our commitment to patient care and a quality custom device. The use of high tech materials results in higher function for the patient. The years of experience in our lab have proven to expedite the most functional and light weight designs. The highly functional devices we provide routinely maximize the results for the patients care. We produce the devices in our Chattanooga lab in a timely manner with the input of the Clinical Practitioner. This allows for better communication throughout the process and the outcomes to withstand the challenges of daily life.

We provide a full range of prosthetic and orthotic services, including braces, post op orthoses, and services related to artificial limbs. These may include, but are not limited to: pre-operative prosthetic consultation, specialized athletic prostheses and upper extremity prostheses.

Meeting The Needs of Children

Children present very special challenges. Through our past and current affiliations with Children's Hospitals, we have the experience and qualifications to meet the needs of the pediatric population. Children deserve to maintain that active lifestyle and attain normal developmental milestones. We specialize in Club Foot Care, Scoliosis Care, and other needs for CP children.

Meeting the Needs of The Elderly

Our Practitioners care for the elderly to restore their lifestyle the way it should be. We use light weight materials specifically for older adults. The functional goals of the patient should be met by providing a device to get them back in the garden, playing with grandchildren, or taking a walk.

Meeting the Needs of the Diabetic Patient

We have the area's most well known Certified Pedorthist on staff to meet the Pedorthic needs of diabetic patients. Sonny Sanders, C.Ped. has been serving the greater Chattanooga area for their shoe and insert needs for over 25 years. His combined knowledge and experience will create better results for their foot care. He will provide a complete biomechanical assessment and fabricate a device based on each individual need.

Meeting the Needs of the Athlete

Athletes will have injuries from pee wee leagues on up through college. We are here to serve those needs. The athlete may have sprains, strains, tears, and breaks and have the need for bracing. We offer many type devices that put the patient back on the playing field as soon as possible. We take walk ins daily for such devices to expedite their care. We work closely with your trainer or therapists to maximize the outcomes.

Prosthetic Services

Pre-Operative Prothetic Consultation
Limb Shrinkers/Immediate Post-Op Fittings
All Lower Extremity Prostheses
Specialized Athletic Prostheses
C-Leg Micro-Processor Knee
Upper Extremity Myo-Electric Prostheses
MAS Socket
Prosthetic Fingers
Swim and Shower Prosthetics

Orthotic Services

Full line of custom and off the shelf orthotic braces including:

Full range of Pediatric Orthoses
Pre-fabricated Orthoses
Custom Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO) for CVA, TBI, UMN Disorders
Custom Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO) for Trauma
Facture Braces/Walking Boots
Custom Spinal Orthoses/Scoliosis
Diabetic Footwear/Inserts
Stance Control Knee Orthoses
Post-Op/Range of Motion Orthoses
Functional/ACL Knee Orthoses
Custom Athletic Foot Orthotics
Tone/Contracture Management Designs
Facial Burn Mask
Sports Medicine Orthoses
Brain injury/CP Orthoses
Tone Reduction Orthoses
Plagio Cephaly Management