Dan Powers, LPO

Dan Powers

Dan Powers in a native of Detroit Michigan, but graduated from high school in Cookeville, Tennessee. Dan spent about ten years in the Marine Corps with billets in Electrical Equipment Repair, Marine Corps Drill Instructor and Public Affairs Staff Non-Commissioned Officer. After his military experience Dan decided to attend college at Tennessee Technological University which was pre professional program for Orthotic and Prosthetic School. Once his prerequisites were complete he finished with his B.S. in Prosthetics & Orthotics at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center.

Dan did his residency at Cook's Orthopedics in Cookeville Tennessee. Upon completion Dan spent the next several years in Houston with a startup company and back in Cookeville giving quality patient care. Dan developed a custom AFO product line for the Houston Podiatry market. Dan is an LPO, CP, BOCO and has been with PPS Orthotic & Prosthetic Services since April 2014 and is the newest member of the team. He takes pride in listening to the patients needs and satisfying the fit and function of their device.