Nadine Bourg, CO

  • Scoliosis, spinal orthoses
  • Neuromuscular orthoses
  • Polio - stance control knee orthoses
  • Pediatric neuro orthoses
  • General pediatric lower extremity orthoses





    …graduated from Newington Certificate Program in 1999 and completed her residency at the University of Michigan Orthotic and Prosthetic Program. She joined the staff of Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, Texas where she worked with a broad range of pediatric issues. She has a special interest in clubfoot care & scoliosis care as well as pediatrics in general. She offers a broad range of scoliosis interventions that include the Boston Internal TLSO, Charleston TLSO & Spine Cor TLSO.

    Her experience includes acute trauma care, cerebral palsy, post-CVA care and lower extremity gait dynamics. She holds a B.S. in Medical Record Administration and worked in the Outdoor Recreation Industry as a white water raft guide and white water canoe instructor. She discovered the Orthotic Field when a friend was paralyzed in a kayaking accident. That experience opened a new world of service which she continues to enjoy.